Social media offers hope

…social media offers hope. As everyone opens up on Twitter, Facebook (FB) and other platforms, there’s an opportunity to spend time understanding a journalist’s beats and an influencer’s interests like never before. Unlike the days of expensive industry phone books and fax machines, anyone today can build meaningful relationships through real human interactions globally using […]

Successful Promotions for SaaS

Imagine for a moment that you are working at the Average Charlie’s Cheese Sandwich Factory. At night you go home and cook dinner for two. You eat the other serving for lunch tomorrow. So you take the initiative to make your life better. You decide to start a small business of your own, and to […]

How to Say No

It’s amazing how simple and easy a “No Thanks” email is to write, and how much more civil it is than not responding at all. Here is a template you can use: Hi John, I’m sorry but (insert actual excuse). Thanks very much for reaching out. All the best. Adam You can save that as […]

Payment Processors and Payment Gateways that Cheddar (GetCheddar) Supports

In order to process payments online, you need to have a merchant account, a payment processor, and sometimes a gateway provider. Cheddar has an internal payment processing solution called CheddarPay which allows you to get up and running with our subscription billing solution, with the ability to process payments almost instantly. If you already have […]

Cheddar’s Trip to New York Stock Exchange to ring the bell!

Marc and I took a little trip to NYC last Wednesday to ring the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange (now called NYSE Euronext). I was hoping he would pull the ears out when he got up there, and sure enough, true to brand, he wore them the entire time he was on […]

NYSE Euronext announces ringing the bell

NYSE Euronext is proud to acknowledge the diligence, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative business concepts of these finalists,“ said Marisa Ricciardi, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at NYSE Euronext. “These teams embody the innovation and creative thinking that truly turns great ideas into reality and help unlock future potential. We are proud to have these […]

CheddarGetter Appropriately Representing the Sliced Cheese @ MicroConf

CheddarGetter appropriately representing the sliced cheese area at MicroConf.

Startup America Cheddar Ringing the Bell

UPDATE: The NYSE Facebook contest is experiencing technical difficulties and is unavailable for voting. We will update this page when they are back up. Thanks for all the votes so far. We’re excited to announce that we made it to the final round of voting in Startup America’s contest to ring the opening bell of […]

CheddarGetter Live: Bloomington Playwrights’ Project Blizzard 2012

Fondue Campfire Integration

Now CheddarGetter can automatically post in Campfire chat when stuff happens in CheddarGetter! We’re calling it Fondue because why wouldn’t we. How Does It Work? When the Campfire service hook is enabled, CheddarGetter immediately sends a success message to your Campfire room. Then, as events occur, CheddarGetter sends messages to Campfire when: A new customer […]

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