Experimental Ad Sample

Here is an experimental ad we’re running in the Adwords content network. Hint: make your ads a bit odd and someone might actually look at it. Also, who can resist a stock photo of a smiling doctor? This guy is a dead wringer for Jack from LOST.

Small Mouse Machinery and CheddarGetter

A small mouse creates a machine to make more cheese, while a narrator explains the machinery of CheddarGetter. Many thanks to our friends Taylor and Torlando for producing and animating this awesome video. It went live on the CheddarGetter homepage today!

Video: Setting up CheddarGetter Signup to Live in under 5

Here’s a quick video we made that shows the process of setting up CheddarGetter, from signup to live account in under 5 minutes!

CheddarGetter Customer Testimonials: Tab Corral

CheddarGetter has saved us time and money and for a startup there is nothing more important! We were able to implement CheddarGetter’s services through their APIs quickly and easily, letting us concentrate on our product and not on building a billing solution. And to top it off when we experienced some credit card validation issues […]

Tyrant CEO Marc Forces Cheddar Staff to Wear the Mouse Ears

Tyrant CEO Marc forces the CheddarGetter staff to wear mouse ears.

Cheddar CEO Marc Guyer at Meetup in NYC

Meetup in NYC Our CEO Marc Guyer and I will be in NYC this coming week for client and investor meetings, and we would love to meet you! RSVP for our Tuesday night meetup here: http://cheddargetternyc.eventbrite.com/ 6:30pm on Tuesday, 6/21 Revival 129 East 15th Street New York, NY 10003

CheddarGetter – an In-House Sprout at Sproutbox

tjbiv: Cheddar Getter, an in-house sprout at SproutBox, began a large marketing campaign at the end of May.  The promo that I have been working on for the past few months should be done by the end this week. Can’t wait to see this CheddarGetter promo!

Releasing This Sunday May 15 New CheddarGetter Changes

PayPal has approved our integration, and we’ve scheduled our release. Sunday, May 15 at 23:00 Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) we will be deploying a whole truckload of changes to CheddarGetter. These upgrades will require a short maintenance window while scripts update our databases. We expect no more than 20 minutes of total down time. For […]

A brief chat about Recurly’s ‘uptime’ and marketing buzzwords

I was skimming through CheddarGetter competitor Recurly’s newsletter last night (it arrived at 9:46pm for some reason) and noticed something strange. This morning I mentioned it to our CEO Marc via Campfire and we had the following exchange… Adam Q: I’m not sure if this is true… “We’re also proud to announce that we’ve maintained […]

Where does my customers’ credit card info go?

In the era of e-commerce and unfortunately, identity theft, people are especially weary of giving their credit card numbers to non-secure websites and businesses. At Cheddar, we’re aware of this issue and want to take a moment to explain how credit card transactions work, and why you should feel safe using Cheddar as your transaction […]

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