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For a single monthly fee you get access to our entire platform, including customer communications, revenue optimization, external payments, pricing, invoicing, critical SaaS reporting (MRR, Churn, and LTV by market source) and a lot more. No gates. No surprises.



We believe billing by its nature is transactional and should never take a percentage of your revenue. That’s why we charge a flat rate for every transaction we generate. You pay us for the work we do, not the work you do.



Optional Integrated Merchant Processing Want instant merchant processing? Cheddar optionally provides credit card processing at just a single flat percentage. No hidden fees. No lock-in. Switch payment processing at any time without changing a line of code.

Usage & Metric Tracking

Send usage tracking and metrics data in Cheddar. Our API endpoints track customer activity. We include up to 500,000 API interactions per month. Additional interactions are billed at 25 cents per 1000 interactions. Contact us for high volume pricing.

Scalable Support

Support that grows with you, we have what you need at the level you need. When first getting started we have an extensive knowledge base, active community, and API wrappers. Paid customers get priority email support. We also offer enterprise support starting at $499/month.

Invoicing & Overage

Cheddar receives and stores usage data. We manage when, and how much, to bill. Overages are automatically calculated and applied to the customer invoice.

We love documentation. The Cheddar API can be used by any programming language. Get up and running quickly with our REST-like interface.

Customer Communication

Cheddar automates and optimizes billing-related communications with your customers through our powerful template management system. We send emails on your behalf so you don't have to.

Revenue Optimization

We've collected millions of transactional data points to predict consumer behavior. Our revenue maximization engine is able to prevent many transactions from failing before they occur - minimizing churn and increasing revenue.

Security & Compliance

Cheddar ensures your tranactions run on time, accurately, and securely, so your team doesn't have to. We help minimize your PCI compliance burder, allowing you to focus on growing your core business. Our platform is engineered to provide security, scalability, and redundancy at every level.

SaaS Metric Reporting

Cheddar's real-time, mobile-enabled dashboard delivers the actionable metrics yo uneed to run your subscription business. Critical SaaS metrics like monthly recurring revenue(MRR), churn rate, and average lifetime value (LTV.)

The next era of internet monetization isn't just about one-time or flat subscription models. It's about activity. Cheddar natively blends one-time, subscription, and usage-based billing so you can meet customer demand, minimize churn and grow revenue.

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