Thoroughly Documented API

CheddarGetter’s custom recurring billing software has a thoroughly documented API. Integrate our recurring payment system with Ruby/Rails, PHP, Python, and more open source wrappers. The officially supported open source wrappers are in PHP and Ruby/Rails. At CheddarGetter, we take pride in providing you with easy, flexible recurring billing software. However, we also want you to […]

CheddarGetter Does The Chores, You Get The Allowance

In life, there are chores you don’t want to do (wash the dishes, vacuum the living room, etc.) and chores you do want to do (…?). The one thing all chores have in common is a reward, tangible or not, that you receive when the work is complete. When running a small business, the chores […]

Do You Want Cheddar On That?

Start-ups and veteran SaaS companies alike know the importance of having it your way. You’ve got an idea, a dream, and a plan for how to get there. From designing your webpage to billing your customers, you know the value associated with freedom of customization. That’s why CheddarGetter gives you the freedom to customize all […]

Ancient Rome Stands Tall like CheddarGetter

In ancient Rome, architects would stand proudly beneath their arches as the scaffolding was removed, to prove to their customers that they had utmost faith in their work. The scaffolding was removed, the arches stood motionless and strong, and the architects were applauded and rewarded.   When we were engineering the CheddarGetter application from the […]

HeadstartUp Review

Thanks to headstartup for this glowing review: For any business income is a critical component for success (hopefully), but collecting money can always be a headache. You could just print out invoices on excel, but that’s not very scalable. Maybe you could handle something like that for 50, even 100 customers, but anything more and […]

Why cheddar doesn’t support ACH/ECheck

Adding ACH as a payment option complicates the process, particularly with dunning management and auto-cancellation. This, in a sense is a liability to CheddarGetter (“CG”) in increased complexity of the system and an increased support burden. To the merchant, the increased complexity translates to a higher cost. For example, with credit cards, CG immediately knows […]

SkyLedger Is Now Integrated With CheddarGetter

SkyLedger, a simple, reliable & secure bookkeeping service in the cloud, is now integrated with CheddarGetter. With the new integration enabled, payments made via CheddarGetter are automatically imported into your SkyLedger account as income. SkyLedger will change the way you look at bookkeeping and accounting forever. Our system makes it so any small to medium […]

Grandfathered Pricing: A Feature and a Commitment

Whether you’re a growing start-up or an established service operation, consistency in your fee structure is important. The last thing you need is a surprise increase in cost to your customers. On the other hand, you want flexibility and ease if and when you decide to change your pricing model. You’re perpetually concerned with the […]

Why we don’t support every gateway

There’s a belief amongst many subscription payment systems that you need to support every gateway in order to be successful. We think this is no way to serve our customers, but rather it perpetuates the same problems they already face: difficult gateway interactions and high prices. We’ve come up with an actual solution, not just […]

CheddarGetter Now Boasts a C# Wrapper

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a CheddarGetter open-source C# wrapper for the benefit of all of our .Net pals out there. Thanks to John at Confer, we can all relax. Seriously, my shoulders just left my earlobes. John wrote a post that clearly illustrates usage of his offering to the reoccurring billing community. […]

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