Stripe Billing Alternative – Cheddar vs. Stripe Billing

Looking for a Stripe Billing Alternative? We like Stripe.  As a payment processor.  They power several Cheddar customers.  They were a first mover and highly disruptive. They are easy to use and to get set up quickly. But today’s startups are looking for more flexible cloud billing solutions to help their businesses scale. Good cloud […]

SaaS Usage-based Pricing Model Overview

A lot of SaaS companies are using a usage-based pricing model and don’t even realize it. If your customers don’t all pay a single, flat rate, it’s likely you’re using some sort of SaaS usage-based pricing model. Even if you don’t have pricing yet, you’ve probably even considered adding a usage component to your pricing.

Value-based Pricing: A Go-to SaaS Pricing Strategy

Value-based pricing is one of the most common pricing strategies in SaaS. Founders and investors alike benefit from using a value-based pricing strategy because it captures more value created by your product, leading to higher profit margins.

Why Consider A Cost Plus Pricing Strategy When Pricing Your Startup

People typically dismiss the cost-plus pricing strategy in SaaS, but we believe that’s a dangerous mistake.

How Payment Processing and Billing Are Different

At Cheddar, we receive a lot of questions from startups about the payment and billing industry. Typically, one the most common questions we receive are about differentiating payment processing and billing. While the two go often go together, they are quite different when broken down. 

Competitive Pricing Analysis: A Cornerstone of SaaS Pricing

When launching a new SaaS product, most people Google their direct competitors to roughly understand the competitive landscape. While useful, this approach isn’t sufficient enough to create a long-term SaaS pricing strategy. For that, you’ll have to complete a competitive pricing analysis.

How to Price SaaS Software: 3 Things That Influence Pricing Over Time

There are several online guides to help you pick a particular SaaS pricing strategy, but there are much fewer resources that discuss how to price SaaS software through updating and iterating your pricing like product development.

Pricing Your Startup: An Overview of SaaS Pricing Strategies

Your SaaS pricing strategy can make or break your startup.

Cheddar, the GDPR, and You

The Cheddar team has been hard at work getting ready for the European Union’s new data protection laws.  As a company that you trust with billing and the sensitive data that entails, Cheddar has always taken data protection and access very seriously.

From tractors to traction: how Midwest startups are taking over tech

From Columbus, Ohio to Bismarck, North Dakota, America’s breadbasket is quickly turning into America’s “tech basket.”

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