Mike Trotzke likes to build things. He’s built companies, websites, partnerships, and a legacy.  As the CEO of Cheddar, Mike Trotzke overseas all aspects of the company. Made up of a small team of 5-8 people, with none being full-time workers, Mike is the real star of the show. He has expertise in all parts of […]

Subscription Billing – Upgrade Your Recurring Billing Model

The landscape of billing and pricing models has been changing. We were comfortable with one-time transaction models, and now, everywhere you look there is a subscription, or a recurring payment on a schedule. Now, it’s common to pay a recurring fee for movies, music, free shipping, etc. If you at your credit card receipt, you’re […]

Case Study: How Radius Bootstrapped their way to Insurance Industry CRM Leader

Radius – Insurance Industry Lead Management & CRM Software In this case study, we’ll take a look at the pricing and growth journey of Cheddar customer Radius Lead Management, a CRM provider in the insurance industry that’s bootstrapping their way to the top of a niche market. Who Is Radius and What Do They Do? […]

Using Cheddar for Usage-based Pricing

In recent years, SaaS companies have moved more and more from one time transaction to subscription based models. Now, a lot of these companies are going one more step and are moving from flat subscriptions towards a usage-based model. What is usage-based pricing model? Essentially, a usage based model is when your customer is charged […]

Stripe Billing Alternative – Cheddar vs. Stripe Billing

Looking for a Stripe Billing Alternative? We like Stripe.  As a payment processor.  They power several Cheddar customers.  They were a first mover and highly disruptive. They are easy to use and to get set up quickly. But today’s startups are looking for more flexible cloud billing solutions to help their businesses scale. Good cloud […]

SaaS Usage-based Pricing Model Overview

A lot of SaaS companies are using a usage-based pricing model and don’t even realize it. If your customers don’t all pay a single, flat rate, it’s likely you’re using some sort of SaaS usage-based pricing model. Even if you don’t have pricing yet, you’ve probably even considered adding a usage component to your pricing. 

Value-based Pricing: A Go-to SaaS Pricing Strategy

Value-based pricing is one of the most common pricing strategies in SaaS.  Founders and investors alike benefit from using a value-based pricing strategy because it captures more value created by your product, leading to higher profit margins.

Why a Cost Plus Pricing Strategy is Still Important in SaaS

People typically dismiss the cost-plus pricing strategy in SaaS, but we believe that’s a dangerous mistake.

How Payment Processing and Billing Are Different

At Cheddar, we receive a lot of questions from startups about the payment and billing industry. Typically, one the most common questions we receive are about differentiating payment processing and billing. While the two go often go together, they are quite different when broken down. 

Competitive Pricing Analysis: A Cornerstone of SaaS Pricing

When launching a new SaaS product, most people Google their direct competitors to roughly understand the competitive landscape. While useful, this approach isn’t sufficient enough to create a long-term SaaS pricing strategy. For that, you’ll have to complete a competitive pricing analysis.

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