July 15

Cheddar’s new Growth Plan combines pricing consultancy with billing services.

CaaS meets Saas.

Cheddar has provided enterprise-grade billing software as a service(SaaS) for over a decade. Now Cheddar is releasing a new Growth plan that bundles pricing consultancy as a service (CaaS) with billing services. This groundbreaking hybrid model is designed with one purpose: to help SaaS companies grow revenue.

Why Pricing Matters

Companies that continuously iterate on pricing, have a 6x greater lifetime value to customer acquisition cost ratio (LTV:CAC). Small changes in pricing can lead to significant changes in profitability. However, companies spend less than 8 hours on pricing. That’s 8 hours, not a month, or year, but 8 hours spent on pricing ever. 

Companies know how important pricing is, so why don’t we prioritize it?  The trick is that while pricing critically is important, it often doesn’t feel urgent. It’s a bit like physical fitness. We all know how important it is to stay healthy, but it’s often difficult to give fitness the attention it deserves.

Cheddar’s growth plan is like having a personal revenue trainer. Someone to periodically connect with stakeholders at your company–identifying opportunities for revenue growth, track progress, and ultimately driving accountability around revenue.

The Importance of a Billing System

Cheddar has provided stable, secure billing services for hundreds of companies. We have a 99.99%+ uptime record. We’ve developed a robust webhook system that allows for integration and customization of our entire platform. The Cheddar team has decades of combined experience with pricing consulting. By combining this pricing strategy know-how and a billing system able to quickly and easily act on that knowledge, Cheddar’s new growth plan makes for the perfect combination to grow revenue. 

What’s included in the Cheddar Growth Plan:


Upon sign-up, you get 4 hours of initial pricing, migration, and implementation consultation with your dedicated pricing success consultant. They will customize a series of meetings designed specifically to ensure success with rollout and pricing strategy. 

Members of your team meet monthly with your pricing success consultant to review your billing services, identify possible revenue-driving pricing iterations, and analyze key growth metrics. You’ll also be given access to on-demand support and consultation via chat. 

If you would like to find out more about our growth plan and how pricing consultancy and billing services combined can help your business, let’s set up a time to discuss moving your business forward.

  • 4 hours initial pricing, migration, and implementation consultation 
  • 1 hour each month pricing and revenue review 
  • Dedicated pricing success consultant 
  • On-demand support via chat

Book a 30 Minute Free Consultation


  • 5 min Introductions and background 
  • 10 min Your current pricing model (initial reactions) 
  • 10 min Your company’s current billing processes and challenges 
  • 5 min Billing and payments market landscape

The value you’ll get with pricing consulting integrated into your billing solution:

  • how to layout your pricing page 
  • how to properly bill customers so that it’s automated and you can spend less time 
  • standardize your pricing, and also integrate it, be able to quickly change it, while still keeping automation and saving time in billing meetings 
  • how to communicate pricing changes to your customers 
  • measure real ROI from pricing changes