April 23

Startup America Cheddar Ringing the Bell

UPDATE: The NYSE Facebook contest is experiencing technical difficulties and is unavailable for voting. We will update this page when they are back up. Thanks for all the votes so far.

We’re excited to announce that we made it to the final round of voting in Startup America’s contest to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange! CheddarGetter is one of five finalists in the Startup America contest.

So please:

  1. Visit the NYSE facebook page
  2. “Like” the page
  3. Then vote for CheddarGetter!

We’d love to show the world that we have a blossoming tech community here in the Midwest.

A video plea:

Why we want to ring the bell:
If we have the chance to ring the bell, our customers and friends in the web startup community will enjoy a moment of recognition for their tireless hours spent after work at their day jobs, in garages and dorm rooms and coffee houses across the country. CheddarGetter is a scrappy web startup from the middle of the country. We are growing organically, and are proudly profitable at our small size. We’re building a technology company in the corn belt, and are able to employ college graduates that may have otherwise moved to the coasts.

Our story:
CheddarGetter was built in 2009 as a billing tool for tech incubator SproutBox’s portfolio companies, which are primarily SaaS startups. In the years since, we’ve launched to the public and grown to service hundreds of web startup customers across the globe. We are still focused primarily on internet startups, and our company culture revolves around agility, innovation, and fun.

So please, like the NYSE page, then vote for CheddarGetter!


Thanks everyone!