August 14

Social media offers hope

…social media offers hope. As everyone opens up on Twitter, Facebook (FB) and other platforms, there’s an opportunity to spend time understanding a journalist’s beats and an influencer’s interests like never before. Unlike the days of expensive industry phone books and fax machines, anyone today can build meaningful relationships through real human interactions globally using technology. If they use technology the slow way.

To adapt the professor’s quote, perhaps there’s a need in PR for “nearness and care, and for a little love”, which “is given only through slowness in [public] relations.

Quoted from an article in Fortune by Greg Galant, “What companies need to know about “slow” PR

Too many PR emails are uncomfortably friendly in tone for the level of acquaintance I have with the sender (in most cases, zero). Don’t act like my best friend and then ask me to do something for you if we don’t have a relationship.

It’s like meeting someone at a party, and before you even introduce yourself asking “By the way would you mind lending me $500 real quick?” Get to know me a little first.