July 10

Payment Processors and Payment Gateways that Cheddar (GetCheddar) Supports

In order to process payments online, you need to have a merchant account, a payment processor, and sometimes a gateway provider.

Cheddar has an internal payment processing solution called CheddarPay which allows you to get up and running with our subscription billing solution, with the ability to process payments almost instantly.

If you already have a payment processor you’d like to use, you can easily integrate with Cheddar – and, you can swap out payment processors at any time.

Supported Cheddar Payment Processors

Here’s the list of external payment processors we currently support.  If you don’t see your provider listed, please contact us, and we can advise the process for getting set up using your payment processor.  

* Assembly Payments

* Authorize.net

* Braintree

* Bambora

* eWay

* Forte

* Network Merchants (NMI)

* ProPay

* PayPal

* Payvision

* First Atlantic Commerce

* Stripe

There are other ways to accept payments using Cheddar.  You can also use PayPal, Check, ACH, or use Cheddar’s External Payments feature.  You can always enquire if you have a question or need additional support.

Sometimes a payment processor and gateway are synonymous, and other times, you can have a merchant account + gateway provider combined to process payments.

A gateway provides secure vaults to store credit card details for recurring payments and transmits transaction information

Supported Cheddar Gateways

In addition to the fully integrated options, we also can provide gateway functionality you can use with your own merchant account. If you have a merchant account from any of the providers below, get in touch with our support team to determine if you can use our built-in gateway functionality.

– Beanstream

– CreditGuard

– CardWorks

– EcorePay

– Elavon


– First Data Nashville

– First Data Nashville North

– First Data Nashville North V2

– First Data Canada

– First Data Omaha

– Global Payments Canada

– HyperCharge

– Interlink

– MeS Trident

– Moneris Canada

– Payvision

– Chase Paymentech Salem

– Chase Paymentech Tampa


– Valitor

– Vantiv

– VoicePay

– Wirecard

– World Pay