Database Craziness. Downtime, too. Not Directly Related.

We’ve had two episodes of lengthy downtime in the past 60 days. Early this morning we were down for almost 3 hours. Back in February it was even longer at over 4 hours on the night of the 6th. Let me first be very clear: Any downtime at all is unacceptable, planned or otherwise. Our […]

Integrate CheddarGetter With Anything, Using Zapier!

Zapier is a sort of universal adapter for APIs. We have worked with their team to integrate CheddarGetter’s API in the most comprehensive way possible. This means that you can use Zapier to connect your CheddarGetter account to a ton of other services across the web. If you want to try out some “zaps”, sign […]

Cheese Pulsar

System Performance: Database Server Upgrade

As of Sunday 2013-01-13, we’re living on a new, higher-powered master database server. We’ve been planning to make this move for some time. Our database had grown too large to hold in RAM on our previous server, and some queries were taking upwards of a minute to complete. That was unacceptable, so we began the […]

CheddarGetter Thriving in 2013

A good friend emailed me yesterday about his job. He closed with this, “I think it’s important, eventually, for me to commit to the life I want to live, even if it’s risky, and not what normal people do.” Some people do things they despise every single day because of societal pressure to be a […]

2012 Completed Projects

Here is a list of our primary development projects from last year, excluding some minor updates and fixes. If you have questions about anything here, just hit us up in Support! Credits, Refunds, and Voids, oh my Webhooks Promotions and Coupons Subscription Billable hook Invoice Review audit process Apple in-app purchase subscription conversion Add support […]

CheddarGetter Trello Board Product Feedback

Instead of listing all possible futures here, we have created a development board on Trello that you can view here. If you have feedback on any of these potential projects, please get yourself a free Trello account. Then you can comment and upvote any of the projects you care about. Review and Comment on CheddarGetter’s […]

Billing and turkeys, it’s what we know.

Recursion For Developers

All Developer accounts will soon be enabled with CheddarGetter’s production style recursion system. If you are already a paying CheddarGetter customer, you don’t need to do anything, or even read any more of this. You will not be affected. This means that pretty much everything will behave exactly as it will when you go live. […]

If we didn’t insert the word advertising

If we didn’t insert the word advertising, maybe we’d be more likely to focus on making it stand on its own two feet. Somewhere in the past, we decided ‘advertising’ means ‘crap you cannot avoid watching’. So, let’s go with native content. If native content is the marriage of creative output and brand, I’d argue […]

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