October 18

Recursion For Developers

All Developer accounts will soon be enabled with CheddarGetter’s production style recursion system. If you are already a paying CheddarGetter customer, you don’t need to do anything, or even read any more of this. You will not be affected.

This means that pretty much everything will behave exactly as it will when you go live. Test away!

Monday, 10/22, at 12pm noon EST is when this will happen.

Three things you should know…

  1. Test Customer Behavior
    If a test customer has been billed before, they will be billed on the next invoice date. So if you created a customer on June 25th and set them on a monthly plan, a new billing datetime will be set for October 25th and the invoice will be transacted on that date. If a test customer has never been billed, they will behave as if they signed up Monday 10/22 at 12pm EST.
  2. Emails Are Disabled
    Many developers have multiple test customers, and we don’t want you to get hit by a rogue wave of automated customer communication. We’ve disabled emails on all dev accounts, but you can switch them back on here:
    Turn On Customer Emails →
  3. You Can Start Fresh
    Speaking of multiple test customers, you may want to start fresh with a blank slate. You can check and see if you have any test customers here:
    View Your Customers →
    And if you want to delete them all in one fell swoop, you can do that here:
    Delete Customers →
    Note: delete all only works in Developer mode (for obvious reasons)