January 9

2012 Completed Projects

Here is a list of our primary development projects from last year, excluding some minor updates and fixes. If you have questions about anything here, just hit us up in Support!

  • Credits, Refunds, and Voids, oh my
  • Webhooks
  • Promotions and Coupons
  • Subscription Billable hook
  • Invoice Review audit process
  • Apple in-app purchase subscription conversion
  • Add support for the Beanstream gateway
  • API response caching – Big speed and bandwidth improvements!
  • Add sales tax information to hosted pages.
  • Resend payment, decline, void, refund emails
  • More background processing = performance enhancements
  • One-time invoice total amount can equal zero
  • Improve gateway decline/error response handling
  • Improve support system integration
  • Remote IP passthru to all gateways
  • Search customers by coupon code
  • Add marketing metrics in email templates
  • Enable add-charge, edit-charge, delete-charge, set-item-quantity GUI and API for outstanding invoice.
  • Add waive and run invoice actions for outstanding invoice. Supports autonomous reactivation.
  • Opcode caching
  • Improve revenue report
  • Interactive integration guide.
  • PayPal error response improvements
  • PayPal WPP undocumented response codes handled
  • Fix PayPal standard reactivation after cancellation
  • Fix PayPal preapproval limit currency conversion
  • Enable PayPal subscription method in admin GUI.
  • PayPal third-party permission support – improved preapproval workflow.
  • Use memo field in PayPal preapproval to inform customer of subscribed plan information


Here is the full changelog.