August 15

If we didn’t insert the word advertising

If we didn’t insert the word advertising, maybe we’d be more likely to focus on making it stand on its own two feet. Somewhere in the past, we decided ‘advertising’ means ‘crap you cannot avoid watching’. So, let’s go with native content.

If native content is the marriage of creative output and brand, I’d argue what brands need online isn’t user-generated content. What they need is editors.

I’m convinced that digital advertising is terrible at balancing art and science. Either we go so far in one direction that we make creativity impossible, or so far in another that we ignore everything data tells us about the proper conditions for success.

Has anyone considered that maybe those of us in the advertising industries should make a run at the best talent in media, at a time when media is absolutely failing to innovate?

attention industry: Native ads and cutting out the middle man.

I couldn’t agree with this more. Advertisers need to focus on creating content, experiences, and becoming entrenched in the participatory culture of the web, not trying to hold up a billboard alongside it all.

I also like ‘native content’ but it is confusing without context. Native content is really anything that is created on a platform, whether it is from an advertiser or a regular person. I prefer ‘sponsored content’ for clarity’s sake.