January 9

CheddarGetter Thriving in 2013

A good friend emailed me yesterday about his job. He closed with this, “I think it’s important, eventually, for me to commit to the life I want to live, even if it’s risky, and not what normal people do.”

Some people do things they despise every single day because of societal pressure to be a contributor. If you just stop working, you’re no longer a part of the unsaid, unseen groundswell that is supposedly lifting us all up to a higher and better way of life. In reality of course that is bullshit. Working a terrible, meaningless job is not lifting anyone anywhere. But this is nearly impossible to see when you’re just trudging along with your head down. You need to have your head up and eyes open to be able to look back and see where you took a wrong turn, and change where you are going.

So choose your path carefully, and course-correct often. Every single day if you can. Take a few minutes and think about where you are heading if you continue doing what you are doing right now. If you like it, keep on truckin. If you don’t, change paths.

Choose a path that can take you towards something you want, something meaningful to you. But don’t just focus on the reward at the end. If you spend your time thinking only about the end result, you miss all the great stuff that happens along the way. Choose your path, saunter down it at a good pace, and look around you as you go.  Enjoy the lovely scenery. Mind the squirrels.

Here’s to thriving in 2013.

We’re all hoping you do great things.

We will try our best to do the same.