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Integration with PayPal

Do you have an existing PayPal account, or prefer a PayPal gateway over other options? No worries - Cheddar’s online billing services support several PayPal options.

Paypal Support

Keep your existing PayPal account and use Cheddar to manage, track, and analyze your recurring billing customers and their purchases.

Customer Portability

If you'd like to later switch to a different processing solution like our very own CheddarGatewayâ„ , that's perfectly simple to do. You can even accept PayPal standard payments and direct credit card payments concurrently.

What are PayPal Standard, Website Payments Pro, and Payflow Pro?

Using PayPal as a payment processor, you can be up and running and collecting real payments in just an hour or so. PayPal Standard is the easiest way to go but has limitations (no credit cards, monthly limits). PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal PayFlow Pro both require a bit more effort to setup, but they enable you to accept direct credit cards.