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Recurring Billing Analytics

Understand your customers' usage with our robust analytics. Analyze recurring billing metrics and historical data to make pricing decisions and determine successful marketing channels.

Use Cheddar to analyze:


Know what's selling, how much it's bringing in, and what time it sells the most. This can help you see trends in your best sellers, and identify areas where your products need some work.


Know who's buying what you're selling. Knowing their age, gender, and other demographics will help you target your products more effectively, and see what changes you need to make.

Pricing Plans

Which of your pricing plans are working out the best? With our analytics, you can quickly see which are performing and which aren't, and how to adjust them.

Payment Methods

Know how your customers are paying. Should you offer more options? Should you funnel your lower-cost customers to Paypal? Our metrics will help you decide.