October 5

The CheddarGetter Community Grows

How cool is it when a business you love and respect makes one of your own products even better? Here at Sproutbox we dig seeing companies who make it easier for entrepreneurs to get back to running their businesses by simplifying administrative tasks. Atlantic Dominion Solutions (ADS) focuses on building lean, mean web applications that are incredibly user friendly. That’s why ADS and CheddarGetter were such a natural fit.

ADS just made CheddarGetter even easier to use and more accessible by building a Ruby wrapper for the CheddarGetter API. The blog post, complete with links to the gems is available here. We love this kind of collaboration and look forward to working with ADS well into the future. If you’d like to work on CheddarGetter or any other of our applications and you’d like to bounce ideas off of us, feel free to get in contact with us. Give CheddarGetter a follow on Twitter