June 1

Scheduled Maintenance For June 8th

Security is a top priority for us here at CheddarGetter. Recently, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued a vulnerability advisory for the RC4 encryption algorithm currently used by our load balancer. While this vulnerability potential only allow access to 100 bytes of data for every 1 billion connections, it is still advised that security focused companies like CheddarGetter move away from RC4.

On June 8th from 8am-9am ET we are scheduling a maintenance window to reconfigure our load balancer to disable use of the RC4 cipher suite and add support for TLS 1.2. We anticipate this will result in downtime of less than 10 minutes, likely much less.

We are typically able to make most configuration changes without any downtime due to our redundant server configuration. However, since this change is to our front end load balancer, we want to be safe. We are scheduling the window from 8am-9am in the event we encounter any issues while reconfiguring.

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via our support forum, Twitter, or Facebook.

Thanks for growing with us,

Team Cheddar