January 31

Python Apps Get Cheddar Faster

Neither GainStudio nor FeedMagnet will be spending months building a billing application. That’s good because CheddarGetter already did. Instead, they’ve provided the CheddarGetter open source community with two more API wrappers, a simpler task by a long shot.

FeedMagnet’s PyCheddar is a Django compatible Python offering by Jason Ford and Luke Sneeringer designed to closely emulate Django models. Get it from GitHub here. Also available at PyPi. FeedMagnet is a social media aggregation, filtering and moderation engine. Follow them on Twitter @feedmagnet.

Hans at GainStudio recently wrote and released the initial version of yet another cleverly named library, cheddarsnake, a Python wrapper. GainStudio is a project and facility management tool for recording studios, audio-visual studios, advertising departments, and editing and post-production facilities. Follow them on Twitter @gainstudio.

More information about the CheddarGetter API is here.