October 22

Introducing the New CheddarGetter Dashboard

We’ve been hard at work improving CheddarGetter. As you may know, we recently increased the security, reliability and performance of CheddarGetter with a major upgrade to our hosting platform. Today, we’re excited to share a major rework of our UI and an improved dashboard.

We’ve made CheddarGetter’s interface mobile-friendly, enabling you to check critical metrics anytime, anywhere. We’ve also developed a new dashboard that includes key subscription metrics – like churn, LTV, conversion rate, and MRR. Plus we’ve added a real-time activity feed to provide instant insight into what’s happening with your business.

Before releasing our new dashboard, we’re asking you to take a look and give us some feedback. We know there are multiple ways to calculate subscription metrics. We’d love to hear how you approach these metrics and what additional data might be valuable to you. Our intent, based on your feedback, is to dig deeper, providing drill-down views into many of these core metrics.

Currently, only the new dashboard is available for preview. However, in the coming weeks, we’ll make additional features of the new mobile-friendly redesign available as our development and testing is completed.

To check out the new CheddarGetter, log into your account here.

We welcome your feedback, particularly regarding how you would like to see the metrics calculated, and what additional information would help grow your business. You can provide feedback (good or bad) simply by replying to this message or by clicking here.

There’s a lot more in store here at CheddarGetter. We’re making major investments in account configuration, integrations, and revenue optimization, and soon we’ll be launching our brand new marketing website to the public.

It’s an exciting time to be a CheddarGetter customer. With your help and feedback, we’re confident we can make a great product even better.

Thanks for growing with us,

Team Cheddar