March 20

Fondue Campfire Integration

Now CheddarGetter can automatically post in Campfire chat when stuff happens in CheddarGetter! We’re calling it Fondue because why wouldn’t we.

How Does It Work?

When the Campfire service hook is enabled, CheddarGetter immediately sends a success message to your Campfire room.

Then, as events occur, CheddarGetter sends messages to Campfire when:

  1. A new customer is created in CheddarGetter
  2. A customer’s subscribed pricing plan is changed
  3. A customer’s subscription is canceled in CheddarGetter
  4. A customer’s subscription is reactivated in CheddarGetter


We included a bunch of little easter eggs in this integration, so you’ll get some positive reinforcement any time a new customer signs up.

We’ve been beta testing it here for a while now, and it has proven to be a sound prescription for little bits of joy.

Set It Up

To get up and running, visit our new Web Hooks section of your Configuration.

You’ll need to know your Campfire Subdomain, Campfire Room ID, and Campfire API Authentication Token, which you can find in your Campfire account under the “My Info” link.

Enjoy the smell of hot cheese!