April 8

CheddarGetter is getting a new look!

As many of you know, we’ve had a brand new version of CheddarGetter in beta testing for a few months. Today we’re excited to announce that the official cut over to the new CheddarGetter will be next week.

On April 14th, CheddarGetter will become mobile friendly from top to bottom, receiving a total overhaul of the user interface. A new dashboard will be made available that includes key subscription metrics – like churn, LTV, conversion rate, and MRR as well as game changing metrics like LTV by market source.

Countless other improvements will launch, including significant performance upgrades to search, huge improvements in customer communication template building, and streamlined interfaces for customer management. Alongside all the product improvements, we’ll also be launching our revamped branding and a new marketing website.

While we don’t anticipate any significant downtime as a result of the upgrade, we’ve scheduled a maintenance window for April 14th from 8am-10am EDT.

You can test out the new version right now at https://neato.cheddargetter.com. You can also currently test integrations by pointing your development systems to neato.cheddargetter.com.

For a short time after the cut over, the previous version of CheddarGetter will remain available at http://legacy.cheddargetter.com. If for any reason you have issues that necessitate use of the legacy verson, please let us know.

We’re always seeking to ways to improve CheddarGetter and look forward to your feedback!