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Stay In Touch With Recurring Payment Customers

Avoid time-consuming daily emails by automating notifications to your customers.

Email Customization

Our templates are fully brandable and can be customized to each user. Our emails help increase the transparency of subscription information, therefore developing trust with your customers.

Control Subscription Data Exposure

Release only the information that you need to provide, and protect the billing information of your customers.

Declined Payment Management

Rather than having to contact a customer each time their payment is declined, use one of our templates to ensure they know about the problem, and how to fix it.

Expiring Credit Card Reminders

Catch the problem before it starts by reminding customers that soon their card won't be functioning. This is especially important for long-term recurring payment plans.

Custom Templates

You can use one of our many pre-existing templates, or create your own. You can automate all customer communication through Cheddar.