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Micro-Billing, Micro-Payments, Charge Aggregation

Provide clients custom recurring payment options — perfect for micro-billing, micro-payment and charge aggregation plans. They did something similar in Superman III.

Use Micropayments for:

Aggregated Transactional Billing

No matter what your business entails, Cheddar lets you combine multiple transactions into one simple, custom invoice.

Overage Charges

If a customer spends past a set limit, Cheddar automatically flags that tracked item. When the invoice is created, we bill the cost incurred for the additional usage.

Soft Usage Limits

Our powerful tracking system keeps track of your services, so you can tell exactly who is using what, and when. This tracking instantly updates itself based on billing frequency, and you can change or add qualifications at any time.

Usage Charges

Forget a set rate — charge customers for what they actually use. Our system will automatically adjust their charges based on their spending history. Of course, you can always manually tell Cheddar that a customer's usage has increased or decreased.

Flat Rates, too

You can still do these too — or use a mix of flat rates, promotions, and alternative billing methods.