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Customizable Hosted Payment Pages

What are Hosted Payment Pages?

Hosted Payment Pages let you start billing immediately without fully integrating the Cheddar API into your site or dealing with the hassles of PCI compliance. You can sign up new customers, allow customers to upgrade and update their information, cancel customers, and easily check the status of a customer's account at login. Advanced API features such as Tracked Items and One Time Invoices can also be integrated. Check out our handy dandy Hosted Payment Pages Setup Guide if you need help getting started!

Completely Customizable

Hosted Payment Pages are completely customizable to match your brand. Upload your company logo and favicon, then choose one of our pre-designed color themes to match your aesthetic. Or, feel free to create your own theme using our color picker.

If you need something a little more unique, you can even input raw CSS that corresponds to the HTML in our hosted payment pages.