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Customizable Pricing Plans For Recurring Billing

Recurring Pricing Plan Options

Recurring Billing

This is the heart of it all! Our software makes it easy to set up custom billing plans that repeat over any period of time you choose. Set up custom variables, track it all in analytics, and specify each plan for each customer.

Multiple Concurrent Billing

If you offer more than one service or product, you should be able to offer more than one way to pay, right? Right! With Cheddar, you can set up several billing models that are available at the same time, and do not interfere with each other.

Set your Frequency

Do you want weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly billing pricing plans? What about yearly billing, or quarterly billing? You can use our billing frequency settings to create custom plans that differ between services.

Price Increases/Decreases

In business, things can change. So Cheddar's made it easy for you to adjust your pricing plans according to the increases and decreases that are a natural part of business.

Active Pricing Plan Modifications

If your marketing or your billing model isn't working like you want, don't fret. It's easy to modify your existing plans by only changing some features, while leaving the rest as is. Cheddar also offers price grandfathering allowing you to change your pricing without making existing customers pay a different price.

Lots of Choices

Choose the perfect pricing plan with Cheddar's custom recurring billing software. Monthly billing, recurring billing, price grandfathering, and more!


Every purchase is a custom experience – that's why we've built pricing flexibility into our powerful online payment system.