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How Cheddar Works 1

1. You define tracked items and pricing for your product

How Cheddar Works 2

2. Customers and usage metrics are sent via Cheddar's API or hosted payment pages

How Cheddar Works 3

3. Cheddar dynamically bills your customers on a recurring basis

Cheddar Tracked Items Screenshot

it's all about the items

Cheddar approaches recurring billing in a radically different way. Unlike other providers, we start by measuring your users' activity. In addition to basic monthly charges, pricing can also be defined based on these usage metrics. Using our exclusive Tracked Item technology, we can accept usage data in real time — assembling a users bill dynamically.

Cheddar's incredibly flexible approach allows you to track free or paid activity, analyze billing strategies, and easily build a wide variety of billing configurations. Simply put, it's how recurring billing should be done.

Cheddar Dashboard Revenue Metrics Screenshot

maximizing revenue

15% of recurring transactions fail. It's staggering. Many companies aren't sure what percentage of their revenue is lost, let alone why.

But Cheddar knows. We know how and when to communicate with your customers. We've collected millions of transactional data points, allowing us to predict consumer behavior and optimize revenue in ways others can't. Our revenue maximization engine is able to prevent many transactions from failing before they even occur — minimizing churn and increasing your revenue by as much as 10%.

Cheddar Subscription Metrics

subscription metrics

Accounting systems may produce quarterly financials, but critical SaaS metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn rate, and average lifetime value (LTV) end up in out-of-date spreadsheets. Cheddar's real-time, mobile-enabled dashboard delivers the actionable metrics you need to run your subscription business.

We don't stop there though. By tying marketing data to billing data, Cheddar uniquely reports industry-changing metrics like lifetime value by market source. With Cheddar, you can finally eliminate the "all signups are equal" myth and evaluate marketing options based on real revenue data.

Customer Communication Screenshot

customer communication

Cheddar automates and optimizes billing-related communications with your customers. You control the look, feel, and tone of your business' emails through our powerful template management system. Cheddar lets you easily pick and choose which communications are most applicable to your customer base.

You shouldn't have to lose brand integrity in order to optimize your billing. Every step of the way, Cheddar ensures that the brand loyalty gained by having a robust and easy to use billing system is directly attributed to you.

Secure Billing Screenshot

secure and reliable billing

Cheddar ensures your transactions run on time, accurately, and securely, so your team doesn't have to. We help minimize your PCI compliance burden, allowing you focus on growing your core business.

Our platform is engineered to provide security, scalability, and redundancy at every level. We've partnered with secure cloud provider Firehost to help ensure that your critical data is always accessible and protected.

To find out more about our rock solid support from the Cheddar team and community, don't miss our support page.

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